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State deputy shares highlights from two-year term

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Arcie Lim says B.C. and Yukon Knights have given highest donations per capita for 22 years straight
By Josh Tng
Arcie Lim, state deputy of the B.C. and Yukon Knights of Columbus, thanks his wife Matilde for her support throughout his term as state deputy. Lim’s term ends June 30.
Photo caption: Arcie Lim, state deputy of the B.C. and Yukon Knights of Columbus, thanks his wife Matilde for her support throughout his term as state deputy. Lim’s term ends June 30.
Arcie Lim, the state deputy for the B.C. and Yukon Knights of Columbus, spoke to The B.C. Catholic before the organization’s 106th annual convention April 28-30. Lim, who is the first Filipino state deputy, shared some of his experiences leading the Knights, some information about the organization’s future, and his thoughts on his upcoming retirement as state deputy.
The B.C. Catholic: It’s been two years since you were elected as state deputy of the B.C. and Yukon Knights of Columbus. What’s it been like?
Arcie Lim: It has been a very rewarding two years serving as state deputy of the British Columbia and Yukon Knights of Columbus. I have thoroughly enjoyed it despite some challenges. The opportunity to serve and be able to make a difference is something dear to me. The experience I gained is priceless and the many fond memories will be etched in my heart for a very long time.
BCC: What experience has stood out the most?
AL: One of the lasting experiences I have as state deputy is having the opportunity to travel around B.C. and Yukon and see first hand the condition of the various councils; their programs, successes and challenges. The warm hospitality I received everywhere I went is truly amazing. I truly felt a genuine sense of fraternalism and belongingness even from people whom I only met the first time. It is as if they are my friends or family members or that I have known them for a long time.
BCC: The Knights participate in a vast array of charitable programs. Which of these has moved you the most?
AL: Our charitable works continue to have impact to those who are in most need. I felt this more when I had the opportunity to travel to the Philippines to join in the distribution of wheel chairs funded by the Knights of Columbus. The feeling and the experience of witnessing kids and the elderly crying with joy, with genuine smiles on their faces, upon receiving the gift from us is something words will fail to describe. This experience left a mark on how I view people with disability and mobility issues. The gift of mobility is truly a precious gift that most of us in the Western world often take for granted.
I am confident that we will again be the highest in per capita donations for another year. If our record holds, this will be our 22nd year in a row holding this prestigious honour. I am pleased to report that based on the Fraternal Survey at the end of 2016, there is a strong likelihood that we will be leading again in per capita donation.
Last year, our disbursements for miscellaneous activities was $166,752, Culture of Life activities was $67,593. Youth program support was $281,202. Our support of Church activities was $577,363, and in Community programs we gave an impressive $2.9 million. Our total charitable contributions were $3,856,365. Our per capita giving should be an amazing $326.51 per member. That’s an outstanding accomplishment!
BCC: What do you see in the future for the Knights of Columbus?
AL: I have a very positive outlook for the future of the Knights of Columbus in B.C. and Yukon. We continue to post positive growth and in the last two years, we've set records in terms of membership growth and insurance protection. Our charitable giving remains vibrant as evidenced by the more than $3.2 million we donated to various groups and recipients in 2016. I am confident that our program of "Building the Domestic Church" will progress and will create better results in the years to come. My hope and prayer is for us to be able to attract more young members to our fold. The youth are everybody's future and to see them getting involved is an assurance of our relevance and longevity.
We have two more months remaining before the end of the fraternal year. We still have many opportunities and enough time to work toward the achievement of our goals. We can clearly see the finish line from where we are right now. But there’s still a lot to accomplish in the remaining months to ensure that we will cross the finish line with strength and pride; to take the last stride with all the best you could give and to get on that podium with smile, with glory and honour that you could offer to our Lord and everyone who worked with you. It is through him that we will get and maintain our success, and it is through him that we will create abundant harvest. But we need to do our part first and give him room to work with us.
BCC: What do you see in your future after being state deputy?
AL: My term as state deputy will come to an end on June 30. I have gained so much during my term. I have fond memories and pleasant experiences. These make bidding goodbye even harder. But no absence can lessen the friendship and relationship I have gained and cultivated. Mind you, I’ll still be around.
I will still be actively involved in the affairs of the B.C. and Yukon State as a member of the Executive Council. I'm open to whatever other roles will be handed to me because I enjoy being a servant leader.

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